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I am tempted to try Monotone, but as strange as this may sound, I am reluctant to shut out windog developers, after all, Python and Pygame work fine in windog. I would definitely prefer Monotone, chiefly for its lack of authority over the code, every developer has his own repository, and hence his own version, maybe we could merge Monotone with cvs, or some other system, by having developers use Monotone , but somehow syncronising it with a central repository based on cvs, with the added advantage that windog developers could interact with it through wincvs.

Another option is subversion. To learn how to use it read the Subversion Book. Here is an article about installing it, and here is another one. And here is a site about subversion on debian. TortoiseSVN is a Subversion client, implemented as a windows shell extension.

Some subversion commands in spanish ManualSubversion.

Yet another option is cvs. This is the oldest versions control system that I know of, and is, of course, the standard against which the others are measured. Some cvs tutorials.